Thursday, February 19, 2009

Barcelona BCN

I made my first attempts when Airport Hiking was still practically unknown. It was early 2001 and it actually was my first flight, like, at all: Berlin-Tegel (TXL) to Almeria in Andalusia, with a two hour layover in Barcelona. I didn't know what airports can be used for. I didn't know how they function. I did what I always do: I walked around. The Barcelona airport is conveniently located directly at the Mediterranean, as I saw before landing. Unfortunately, the heavily fenced runways are inconveniently located between the terminal building and the beach. I didn't get far. There are marvellous palm trees on the parking lots, and even a few benches to rest, if need be. Inside, Barcelona airport is one of the rare places where it's impossible to get lost. The terminal building looks like a fork, with four triangular spikes, which are the terminals. It's too easy. There is no challenge. I had a couple of beers, boarded my flight to Almeria, and never came back.

The beginning

Airport Hiking - it's not rocket science.